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How to create a system of Time

What is The Time Factor?

Are you tired of putting in endless time and labor without seeing results in your business? Are
you aware that timing is key to the efficiency of your efforts? The Time Factor will help you
discover ways to use time to exponentially improve the effectiveness of your work. This book is
the result of years of practice applied to the business model. The Time Factor is not just another book, but a true guide, offering tools that will turn your business into the revenue tool it was created to be.

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"I have read many books on business models and systems, but this particular book offered much more, without repetition or confusing corporate jargon. Whether you are a new business
owner or a veteran, Aminah’s book offers clear, practical information. As a fellow entrepreneur, my mission has always been to “work smarter, not harder.” Until I read her book, I had no idea that I was losing revenue because I wasn’t making the best use of my time. As a result, I have more revenue, more work/life balance, and a greater appreciation for the gift of Aminah Lawson."

Crystal Brisbon, RN, MSN; owner of Distinction Events & Design and Unapologetic Apparel

​"I first came across Aminah and The Time Factor when I didn't realize anything was broken. From
the get-go, it was clear that my issue was time management. Now the time I give myself, my
business, and my personal life, work together to achieve actual real-time results. Applying the principles in The Time Factor, affected every aspect of my life, helping me make wise, concise decisions that have markedly improved my bottom line."

Kristin D. Reid- Owner/Lead Stylist of Mane Haven Salon

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